Freitag, 15. Juli 2022


After 11 Years i visited Trnica again. I could not remember that the Partisan was that huge. He was created by Dimo Todorovski in 1972.

Monument to the 1956 Avalanche victims by Boro Krstevski and Milorad Stanković unveiled 1967.

Dogs around everywhere.

Nikiforovo, monument fountain and Spomen-dom Vidoe Smilevski Bato.

And a monument at the end of the road near the village Žužnje. My friends tried to "puzzle" the plate together again but sadly there are some parts missing.

After that we had a stop at the Farmers house, trying goat-cheese and honey. He and his sons are the only persons around. 

 And on the way home we visited Trnica again. 

Tomorrow i am leaving Macedonia, going on a 2-3 day tour back. Leaving Serbia behind searching on for monuments in Croatia and Slovenia.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2022

More monuments around Macedonia

Mavrovo Spomenik N.O.B.

Sign at the road near Nikiforovo at Mavrovo lake.

Leunovo, by Tome Serafimovski.

Kleonec, Spomenik padlim borcima.

Izvor, National peoples army fountain, built 1980.

Botun, Spomenik N.O.B.

Slivovo, Spomen-škola.

Spomenik makedonsko kosovska brigada, near Makedonski brod.

Barbaros, Spomenik makedonsko-kosvska brigada, D. Danilovski. And another well of water. Hot times in Macedonia. There is a ruin on the other side of the street and the only house its the forest-keepers.

Another-time in the west of Prilep. Mausoleum for the fallen fighters at Mažučište, by Branko Koneski, 1978.

Spomen kosturnica Štip "Frottage"



Once again in Štip. At Bogdan Bogdanović's creation, i followed a Project we started 4 Years ago. I did some "Frottages" of the carvings in the marble stones. It is then possible to put them dirctly on the silkscreen, to print them afterwards. Here some photos of the results made in Partizanska Štampa during the last weeks. Tomorrow, 09.07.2022 at 21:00h there is a presentation of those works in KC Jadro in Skopje. The exhibition will stay till monday 11.07.2022.