Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Spomenici revoluciji: Razglednice

2 collages of old Postcards with Yugoslav monuments, i made. I bought the most of them on the Kalenić market in Belgrade this May.

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011


spontaneous i went to hamburg to the friendship party last weekend on stubnitz. as usual, animal cops playing, but as always in a different style. ravingmadcarlos sadly had a technical problem. elias khan and his friend weren't my style of music. but finally das absolute vakuum played some very good noise. and as i remember it from stubnitz in hamburg, when i woke up, the party was still going on ................

Philophon Nights

here some impressions of the philophonia nights in knochenbox every monday. "under the direction of max weissenfeldt (poet of rhythms) philophon records presents its own houseband, a lot of moodingodo, guestartists, and bands every monday live in concert deep down in the knochenbox" says the flyer ............ playing thelonius monk, sun ra, duke ellington, own compositions and more .......

Novo Doba Festival

here some picts from the novo doba festival a month ago in belgrade. it was a comic festival with workshops, exhibitions, music and a lot more. and as you can see, we had quite a good time. Sadly the weather wasnt the best, a lots of rain ...... the festival happened at some 4 different places in belgrade and at the last day, in pancevo. good bands playing like; klopka za pionira, duboka ilegala, hexenbrutal and more. wonderfull comicartists like; nina bunjevac, wostok, igor hofbauer and more. more info here -->