Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

The fallen Angel

Actually i wanted to see the monument some days before, but we did not find a parking below 5 euros. So we went on to meet a friend 15 kilometers away. What was supposed to be a coffee-break, became a 5 days stay. The second day i wanted to start the car, but it did not want. So today, we were towing my car to that town, because there is the only place nearby which can handle my size of car. And the time it was in the workshop, i had a walk around.
And that's what i found! The Obelisk looks clean, even restaurated. The sculpture which was before on the top is now next to it. The arms broke of, one leg missing, the other leg has a cut. It is a fragment of a sculpture by Antun Augustincic.
My car is driving again! And tomorrow we will be on our way back to Berlin.

Picture of the Monument: Putovima revolucije, "Turistkomerc, Zagreb i Republicki odbor SUBNOR, SR Hrvatske, 1979