Montag, 19. April 2010

Czentrifuga exhibition opening

I had my exhibition opening on friday in CZenrifuga, at Mariannenplatz 21 in Kreuzberg. Together with a second fotografer, Dario Lehner, who exhibits double expousured fotos from his trips with the MS Hanseatic as Boardfotografer, i show fotos of my time living on the MS Stubnitz 1998-2002 and fotos of my travels trough jugoslavija 2002-2009.
It was a livingroom athmosphere with around 100 guests coming and going. Cheap food, drinks and a lot to look. Marko Maria and his friends (klaviatur, drums, guitar) made us a 45 minutes improvised jazz session. Many surprising guests from one of my other lifes. The picts will be exhibited until 3. or 4. of May. Then the Stubnitz-part goes to Rostock on the Stubnitz !