Samstag, 26. März 2011

In memoriam Stanoje Ćebić

As we were told in Valjevo, he was waiting for us to come ..... but we were to late. Actualy we planned a date to meet with him on 24. march. But already 12. februar he died. ......... So we went anyway to Valjevo, to film and record some interviews with people that knew him. 2 quite intensed days. we managed to get some good material together.
for everyone who knows serbo-kroatian-bosnian-montenegrian, there is an artikle about Ćebić here ->
and as we heard, Bora Ćosić will write 2 articles, one for a german newspaper and one for a serbian

Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Next Winter

Next Winter i think i want to try Šarplanina some kilometers up from Tetovo.

Nika had also some fun and even felt in love with a Šarplaninac .... but sadly there was no way to smuggle him ...........

Makedonia 03.2011

Some impressions of the last week in Makedonia. Starting with the wonderful western part. wonderfull villages, nice people, but in the towns quite depressiv. poor . i got a different times lost because the road was just ending. sorry for the lots of Makedonian'serbo'croatian insiders in many of the picts ;)

Back online, and back in Serbia. 2 fast working weeks in Kosovo and Makedonia .... some more impressions from 2 weeks ago in Kosovo .....