Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Candles for Bogdan Bogdanovic

The last working day of my workshop in Mostar, we went again on the Partisan graveyard to light some Candles. The wind was to strong, so we couldnt realize our Idea.... but somehow we managed to make something! With respect to Bogdan Bogdanovic! Hvala Protmajstor!

The Gif-animation is sadly to big to display here.

Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Brus Li opet među nama, a nije ni sama....

....Bruce Lee is again around us, and he is not even alone.
Theres a long story around this monument, it was unveiled, got stolen, again unveiled .......i hope i will maybe get the whole story these days!
Today i finaly had to see it, and as you can see, he was not alone. "This one is from messing, the one they stole was from gold"  the roma-girl told me before shouting "photograph me, photograph me.... !!"