Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Dan Republike

29.november 1943, the day of the jugoslav republik. at the same day there was one of the first battles between germans and partisans 2 years earlier 1941 on the Kadinjaca pass. thats were i woke up this morning to see the 70 years anniversary happenings. here some serbian communists after the celebration.


  1. Hi Marko. You're photos are really great. I first found some of your photos on Flickr when I was trying to get more information on the Tjentište monuments in Bosnia. I am an artist currently doing research from Bratislava on these and some other monuments in former Yugoslavia. I was hoping to find your email address so that I could ask you some questions regarding these monuments, but it looks like this comment box is all I get :) If you receive this, please contact me at: clarebenson1@gmail.com

    Thank you,