Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Sailor in Pula

2 years ago, i was in Pula, i saw that they removed the monument of the partisan sailor in front of the roman arena. I was already a little sad. This year, i was surprised to see him standing again. But, i realised, that his whole right arm got changed.

When i saw him the first time in 2007, standing on the right side of the sculpture, i could see his hand, showing three fingers. Now, 2012 standing in the same position, hes showing a whole hand.

upper picture was taken in july 2007
the picture below in september 2012


  1. Spomenik mornaru, riječkog kipara Pavla Perića, u parku kraj pulske Arene, postavljen je 1953. povodom 35 godina od streljanja mornara iz Boke Kotorske i Pule zbog pobune protiv Austrougarske monarhije

  2. ovaj drugi gest liči na pokazivanje srednjeg prsta