Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

I had a crazy and quite hard tour last weekend. A 900 kilometers through Serbia. Friday i went to Vrbas in the north, there i had an exhibithion. (first pict, Grandma with Grandson in Vrbas) From there i went on Saturday to Golubac, which is a 5 hours ride. There was a meeting of Zdravo da ste. (second and third pict) and an impression of Golubac (fourth pict). On sunday i went on to Rajac, a little village near the Bulgarian border, which is known for its vine. Deda Peric and his Grandson were calling me to drive some vine to Belgrade (around 700 liters fifth pict). Deda Peric always loves to pose ;) (eight pict) and he showed me a foto of his girlfriend, hes 82, shes 80 %) (ninth pict) ...... now i am still recovering, heading back to Germany this weekend.

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