Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Spomenici revoluciji 2

Thats now already some 2 weeks ago, my ride from Germany to Serbia. Depending to my obsession for Ex-Jugoslav monuments, i planed the trip to make as much as possible pictures of monuments. I slept the first night in my car at Podljubelj, where there is a monument for the people working at the tunel between now Slovenija and Austria. They came mainly from the Koncentration-camp Mauthausen. (pict one) After i was slowly driving to Ljubljana, passing-by the monument in Drasgozce, (pict two) and Kamnik (pict three). I arrived in Ljubljana early enough to finaly make picts of the main monuments there. (pict four and five) After sleeping at Ivos place in Ljubljana i went on the next day to reach Kamensko Bijeli Potoci. but already at the beginning i took the wrong road and accidentaly i found Baza 20 in Slovenija (pict six). I reached Kamensko at the last sunlight but ...... they removed the monument ........ so i went on the fastest way direction Serbia. Trough Bosnia i managed to go as far as Samac, where slept again in my car and at 7 in the morning i took picts of the Monument-house of Mitar Trifunovic Uco (pict seven) .. finaly i had another nice surprise when i found Donja Trnova near Bijeljina. Not only that there was a well preserved Partisan graveyard, but i also found the house, where the first issues of Oslobodjenje where printed during the 2 Worldwar (pict nine)

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